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Marconi France Telecommunications was created at the end of 1998 by Marconi Portugal, enterprise from the Portugal Telecom Groupe.

Marconi France Telecommunications is focus on the Portuguese community who lives in France, to satisfy all their needs concerning telecommunications.

In 2005, the CEO negotiates an agreement with the Portugal Telecom Group to buy Marconi France Telecommunications and Marconi Switzerland.

In January of 2006, both societies change their registered name to Magic Fil Telecom France and Magic Fil Telecom Switzerland, to mark this new phase.

Magic Fil Telecom remains very active within the Portuguese community. The company is part of the twenty founding members of Chamber of Commerce and the Portuguese-France Industry (CCIFP).

Its current president was nominated CCIFP administrator in 2006 and has been its Treasurer since then.

A large number of companies who are part of the Portuguese community have trusted along this years the management of their telecommunications system to Magic Fil Telecom.

Prestigious customers such as the Portuguese Embassy in Paris, the Portuguese Consul in Paris and the CCIFP, have chosen Magic Fil Telecom as telecommunications operator and the Centryo Business offer.

Thanks to this recognition, Magic Fil Telecom launched in 2007 her brand Centryo and commercialized its offers Centryo Pro and Centryo Business to the enterprises which are present in the French market and that can be consulted on the website.



  • Legal Statute: Limited Company, Social Capital 775.392 euros.
  • Creation: 1998 by Marconi Portugal
  • Activity: Telecommunication services to particulars, professionals and small enterprises.


  • Legal Statue: Ltd Society, Social Capital 700.000 CHF
  • Creation: 2000 by Marconi Portugal 
  • Activity: Telecommunication services to particulars, professionals and small enterprises.

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